Three Benefits Of Compounded Veterinary Medications Provided By “Nicholas Bova” At Bova Compounding

Many individuals who own pets and the veterinarians who give medical care to their animals are utilizing compounded medications for treatment. “Nicholas Bova”, CEO of Bova Compounding offers this exceptional service, which specializes in custom formulated medications for animals. Veterinarians and pet owners should read the information below to learn three important benefits of compounded medications for pets.

Tasty Medications For Finicky Animals

Some pets resist taking their prescription medications because of the horrible taste or because of the dosage form. When these animals don’t get the medicine they need, it can jeopardize their health. Through veterinary compounding, medications are prepared and customized to meet the specific needs of each animal.

Cats that don’t want to swallow a capsule or a tablet will devour their medicine when it tastes like tuna fish. Dogs that refuse to take their medication will think it’s a treat when it tastes like liver. By adding a flavorful taste to medications, animals will be happy to comply and pet owners won’t have the stress of forcing the animal to take their medicine.

Correct Dosage For All Animals

Veterinary compounding is also helpful when determining the correct dosage for each animal. Since there are various breeds and sizes of dogs, a small dog doesn’t require as much of a particular medication as a large dog. This prevents over-medicating small dogs, which can be fatal, and it ensures that large dogs get enough of the medicine they need.

Through compounding, it’s also possible to produce a one-time single dose of a specific medication when necessary. Pharmacists can also remove certain ingredients from a medication when an animal has a sensitivity to certain substances.

Access To Discontinued Medications

It’s not unusual for pharmaceutical companies to suspend making a particular medication. When a medication is no longer being manufactured, a veterinary compounding service can produce the medication in their laboratory. This factor alone can improve or save the lives of many animals that would otherwise be denied the prescription medications they need.

Veterinarians and pet owners can take advantage of these three benefits when treating an animal’s health issues with compounded medications. By receiving the proper medication and the correct dosage, animals can live longer, healthier lives.