I Had an Interesting Night

It was a pretty wild scene although I had no idea who it was that was having the bachelor party. I was okay with the free liquor of course, although I have been doing my best to keep my drinking in check of late. The main thing is that I do not need to do stupid stuff I can not afford. At any rate it seems like I became the fortunate beneficiary of a case of mistaken identity. It was a bachelor party and they hired some blonde escorts. There were at least two of them. At any rate I just wandered into a room, I was looking for a bathroom that did not have a huge line in front of it. I found one and when I came out there were two very attractive girls there. Before I knew what was going on they asked me if I wanted to take a shower. Being a normal red blooded American boy I realized that I really needed to take a shower. Now I realized that they had mistaken me for the groom a short time later, but I never really thought about telling them.

The main thing I was thinking about was whether or not I was going to get away with it. This the sort of thing where a guy could easily get his butt kicked without anyone worrying about whether you were scamming those girls or not. A lot of the time they have a guy with them to protect them and he is usually a scary person. When I got out of the shower I went and locked the door of that bedroom and got dressed pretty quickly. They started to beat on the door soon enough, but I slipped past them while they were talking to those girls.